Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HOTLINK SUPERVISOR - Heterogeneous Hypervisors – All under one Roof i.e VMware vCenter

HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware vCenter is a certified VMware Ready solution that extends the robust management capabilities of VMware vCenter to natively support all major enterprise Hypervisors — including Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (KVM).

Unlike overlay solutions that provide only basic cross-platform features on top of multiple native management toolsets, HotLink SuperVISOR abstracts the virtual infrastructure, so you can support other hypervisors utilizing the underlying capabilities of VMware vCenter. No additional management console is required — even to support advanced features like live migration and DRS!
With HotLink SuperVISOR you can:
  • Manage multi-hypervisor natively with VMware vCenter!
  • Clone, snapshot and migrate heterogeneous workloads
  • Utilize existing templates cross-platform
  • Automate any-to-any workload conversions
  • Eliminate redundant native management toolsets
  • Leverage existing VMware skills & investment
Free edition Supports 1 Hypervisor, 3Hosts, 15 VM's. - 
A Short Video on HotLink SuperVISOR - by David Davis - from TrainSignal

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