Monday, December 29, 2014

Microsoft DiskSpd – Freeware to test speed of your storage system

DiskSpd is new tool from Microsoft which allows testing the speed of your storage. You can test different storage like DAS, SAN, NAS ….. or SMB share. You can also install it in a VM and test the speed of a VM.

A feature-rich and versatile storage testing tool, Diskspd (version 2.0.12) combines robust and granular IO workload definition with flexible runtime and output options, creating an ideal tool for synthetic storage subsystem testing and validation.

Microsoft DiskSpd Features:

  • Ability to target physical disks in addition to partitions and files
  • Variable read/write IO percentage settings
  • Custom CPU affinity options
  • Consumable XML output option
  • Synchronization and tracing functionality
The page also gives an example how to test (it’s a CLI based tool).

Example 1

    Diskspd.exe -b256K -d10 -o8 -t4 -a0,1 #0

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

VMware Labs Fling - ESXtopNGC Plugin for WebClient


ESXtopNGC Plugin is an enhanced, plugin-version of ESXtop for the vSphere Web Client. The plugin displays ESX server stats in new and more powerful ways by tapping into the GUI capabilities of the Web Client.


  • Separate tabs for CPU, memory, network and disk performance statistics
  • Flexible batch output
  • Flexible counter selection
  • Advanced data grid for displaying stats (sortable columns, expandable rows, etc.)
  • Configurable refresh rate
  • VM-only stats
  • Embedded tooltip for counter description
More Details & Toll Download @ below URL

Saturday, October 18, 2014

VMware VSAN & 2.0 (beta) now..

What is VMware VSAN?

VSAN (Virtual SAN) is a "Software Defined Storage", which will combine all "SSD's (for Cache)/ Spindles". Extremely Simple to Configure on "vSphere integrated GUI - VC". No more LUNs / NFS / External SAN is needed.  You may expect 2 Million IOPS in a 32 Node cluster.

It's more improved now with VSAN 2.0 (Beta), supports upto 64 Nodes.

Does not it trigger your senses, to go try the product first handed, Yes????
Try the Free (Yes it's free) VMware VSAN Labs on below URL..

Start this Lab -> HOL-SDC-1408 - VMware Virtual SAN 101

VMware released fix for ShellShock (Bash Bug) for various products..

Shellshock is a hole in Bash that, when carefully accessed, lets an outsider's code be processed and executed on a user's computer.
Linux specialist Stephane Schazelas discovered the bug this week, but it's likely existed in the system for at least 20 years.

An attacker could use the hole to insert code into a victim's computer, running commands and prompting the machine into action. That means an outsider could control a computer remotely. The attacker could access files, copy and delete data, and run programs.
"Using this vulnerability, attackers can potentially take over the operating system, access confidential information, make changes,


Saturday, September 20, 2014

VMware labs New Fling: PowerActions for vSphere Web Client (Run PowerCLI within Web Client)

PowerActions is a  Free Plugin can be added to vSphere Web Client and let users Run "PowerCLI" Scripts within "Web Client".. Doesn't it exciting.. You have the Power of GUI + CLI Automation with in Single Interface..

Eager to know more about Requirements, How to Install & Download URL's..
Please go through below link..