Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Fling "DrmDiagnose" from VMware Labs

New Fling "DrmDiagnose" from VMware Labs

VMware vCenter has provided sophisticated resource management controls
(to set resource reservations, limits, shares, etc.) for virtual machines since vCenter 2.0. However, we have noticed that not everyone uses these controls
due to confusion about how these features can affect other virtual machines in the resource pool.
For instance, what happens when you increase the CPU size of a VM?
How does that affect the other VMs in the same cluster?

This Fling attempts to make this easier by providing resource management recommendations based on inventory dumps of the existing environment. It compares the current resource demands of a VM and suggests changes to the resource allocation settings to achieve the performance you are looking for. It will also let you know how it impacts the other VMs.

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