Saturday, October 18, 2014

VMware VSAN & 2.0 (beta) now..

What is VMware VSAN?

VSAN (Virtual SAN) is a "Software Defined Storage", which will combine all "SSD's (for Cache)/ Spindles". Extremely Simple to Configure on "vSphere integrated GUI - VC". No more LUNs / NFS / External SAN is needed.  You may expect 2 Million IOPS in a 32 Node cluster.

It's more improved now with VSAN 2.0 (Beta), supports upto 64 Nodes.

Does not it trigger your senses, to go try the product first handed, Yes????
Try the Free (Yes it's free) VMware VSAN Labs on below URL..

Start this Lab -> HOL-SDC-1408 - VMware Virtual SAN 101

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