Monday, December 29, 2014

Microsoft DiskSpd – Freeware to test speed of your storage system

DiskSpd is new tool from Microsoft which allows testing the speed of your storage. You can test different storage like DAS, SAN, NAS ….. or SMB share. You can also install it in a VM and test the speed of a VM.

A feature-rich and versatile storage testing tool, Diskspd (version 2.0.12) combines robust and granular IO workload definition with flexible runtime and output options, creating an ideal tool for synthetic storage subsystem testing and validation.

Microsoft DiskSpd Features:

  • Ability to target physical disks in addition to partitions and files
  • Variable read/write IO percentage settings
  • Custom CPU affinity options
  • Consumable XML output option
  • Synchronization and tracing functionality
The page also gives an example how to test (it’s a CLI based tool).

Example 1

    Diskspd.exe -b256K -d10 -o8 -t4 -a0,1 #0

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