Tuesday, October 18, 2016

VMware VSAN 6.5 - Is it a Ceiling Breaker in Software Defined Storage??? Read on my blog..

VMware VSAN is all set to cater Non-VMware iSCSI Servers..
This is great news.. Till now VSAN Storage cater to only VMware ESX hosts.
With this release (VSAN 6.5)..

VMware opened doors to serve VSAN to your Traditional servers in the Data Center..
So, Building Enterprise Storage (VSAN) - few clicks (vmware simplicity again)..
Mapping iSCSI LUNs to Hosts is few clicks.. (Awesome)

1) Accelerate Responsiveness
Updaed VSAN API & Power CLI empower you better accelerate repeated jobs..

2) 20-50% Additional TCO Savings
Better licensing models of VSAN for small offices like ROBO also..

3) Increased Flexibility
This is what I mean by, VSAN is open to Non-VMwaer servers also.
(Ex: Map iSCSI volume to linux, windows, unix, etc) - Love this

4) Support of Next-Gen Products
Containers & Kubernate compatibility

5) Next-Gen Hardware Support
VSAN 6.5 supports 512e HDDs (Larger capacity suppport),
NVMe Disks - for high throughput of IOPS (150k IOPS per host)

De-Duplication, Compression, Erasure Coding, Storage Policy Based Mgmt, etc.. is still there..

Are you excited, Read further on below URL..

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