Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is FAST? (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) at vBlock (by VMware, EMC, Cisco)

What is FAST? (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) at vBlock
Now available for 3 Flavors (Celera, CX4, Symmetrix)

FAST approach is the Brand new at EMC,
which will automatically move the the LUNs as below..

High I/O LUN’s to Flash Drives (SSD Hdd’s)
Modest I/O LUN’s to F.C Drives
Least I/O LUN’s to SATA Drives

Here are some features, highlights of FAST and how it operates.

• FAST will perform data movement based on IOPS, average I/O size and write percentage.
This is currently true for the Symmetrix V-Max, Clariion CX4 and Celerra NS.

• Three elements that define FAST: Storage Type, FAST policies and Storage Groups.

• FAST is based on user defined -- configuration policies.

• The configuration of FAST is typically done through FAST wizards FAST LUN Migrator for Clariion CX4,
(Symmetrix Management Console) on Symmetrix V-Max and Rainfinity File Management Appliance or VE for Celerra NS.

NOTE: Out of the box thinking by EMC, imagine the flexibility one would have
with a large infrastructure and FAST moving data based on policy.
It’s all about the big picture.

FAST – EMC Hands on Demo

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