Friday, May 21, 2010

VM World 2009 - Glimpse of EMC Ionix Data Center Insight (DCI)

My take away on IONIX DCI is - Ionix DCI will understand your IT infrastructure better than you and show case and index for blink away search any equipment & it's span across your Data Center.. I would recommend you to watch the below video (Full Screen) to get to know more..

EMC Unveils Ionix Data Center Insight Laying Foundation for Unified IT Configuration Visibility Across the Data Center. 

nix Data Center Insight is a key piece of EMC's newly announced Ionix IT management suite — powerful solutions for automating IT management across a unified infrastructure of storage, server, network and virtualization resources. With Ionix, customers can confidently move from physical to virtual to cloud computing — maximizing the value of their new enterprise IT architecture.

With Ionix Data Center Insight, customers can quickly and easily:

Automatically populate both EMC and third-party CMDBs with best-practices configuration items (CIs) and allows customization to define customer-specific CIs

Build a single, reconciled view of the truth about the IT environment

Visualize application and service dependencies across the data center — including applications, servers, networks, storage — both physical and virtual

Leverage the solution as a critical component of a federated and modular CMS to achieve a single, accurate and current view of the IT environment, so those responsible for configuration management can understand — across multiple domains — the resources underpinning business services

Architected to support heterogeneous, third party data sources, Ionix Data Center Insight initially supports discovery from a wide variety of EMC Ionix data sources. Ionix Data Center Insight automates the integration of these discovery sources and populates best-practices-based configuration information into the leading CMDBs such as EMC Ionix Service Manager CMDB. Additionally, Data Center Insight provides a web services visualization layer that enables cross-domain dependency mapping with search functions — spanning applications, servers, networks and storage — physical and virtual

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