Friday, June 8, 2012

           Vmtools Silent installation method

Windows Guest
When it comes to mass deploy / large scale of VM's (vmware tools update) - it will be cumbersome for you to click on each VM and update VMware tools. Here is the way you can use "Silent install method" via SSH log on script / Power CLI.

To perform a silent, non GUI with suppressed reboot VMware Tools installation in a Windows guest operating system:

Run the command:

setup.exe /S /v /qn REBOOT=R

Note: The installer might indicate if a reboot is necessary by exiting with ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_REQUIRED.

Alternatively, in vCenter Server, right-click on a virtual machine, click Install/Upgrade VMware Tools, and enter /S /v /qn REBOOT=R the Advanced field.

Source - VMware KB --> 1018377

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