Tuesday, January 29, 2013

UCS Manager Simulator Overview

Are you interested to work(simulate) on Cisco UCS Blades - and don’t want to invest heavy on Cisco UCS blade lab now (or) You don’t want to play with your Production Cisco UCS boxes - But to Practice / Train on UCS Blades - Here you go..

UCS - Simulator - Download URL

More on Setting Up appliance

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator is the Cisco UCS Manager application bundled into a virtual machine (VM). The VM includes software that emulates hardware communications for the Cisco Unified Computing System. The UCS Platform Emulator (UCSPE) was developed to enable the use of Cisco UCS Manager and the UCS XML API without requiring physical hardware. UCSPE significantly shortens the development cycle for applications that are based on the UCS XML API. You can create and test programs using only UCSPE installed on a laptop.

UCSPE presents a controlled environment for the following:

  • Emulation of large-scale environments
  • Changes in the hardware inventory (device discovery)
  • Firmware upgrade testing
  • Troubleshooting real UCS problems
For example, you can use Cisco UCS Platform Emulator to create and test a supported Cisco UCS configuration, or to duplicate an existing Cisco UCS environment for troubleshooting or development purposes. Cisco UCS Platform Emulator supports both DHCP and static IP. By default, Cisco UCS Platform Emulator is configured to use the local network to obtain an IP address via DHCP. If your network does not include a DHCP server, you must assign a static IP address to Cisco UCS Platform Emulator.

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