Tuesday, January 29, 2013

vOPS™ Server Explorer

vOPS™ Server Explorer is -> Freeware suite comprised of multiple utilities that provide different angles of visibility into virtual environments.

1) Storage Explorer
Storage performance and capacity views across datastores and VMs that helps VM admins to get better visibility of their storage environment.

2) Change Explorer
Lists all changes that occurred to datacenters, clusters, resource pools, hosts, datastores and VMs within the previous seven days with associated risk impact

3) Environment Explorer
At-a-glance statistics of all hardware and virtual objects in an environment, VMs suffering from configuration and performance issues, details on efficiency problems, plus capacity for new VMs.

4) vScope Explorer
Designed to assess the health of a virtualized environment, this utility immediately identifies VMs, hosts and datastores that are suffering performance, capacity and efficiency issues.

5) SearchMyVM Explorer

Based on the award-winning SearchMyVM stand-alone free tool, this utility provides "Google-like" search capabilities into a virtual environment, and allows for export of the resulting reports.


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