Monday, March 29, 2010

All about VMware Data Recovery - Read on - Dont miss the video

VDR  - VMware Data Recovery (My understanding as below)

What is VDR

VDR is a Backup & Recovery Appliance - Customized on Cent OS
(available from VMware as an OVF - Open Virtualization format)
You can download .OVF file & install from vSphere Client
(VM will be created automatically attached to your chosen Phy.ESX Host) 
You can install VDR Plug-ins and execute Backup & Restore directly from vCenter, on any level of Infrastructure (entire Datacenter, Cluster or VM level)

 Click below --> "Read More" for Full Article (Why VDR, Why not VDR & Demo Video)..

Why only VDR

  • Adv virtualization features (Ex: VDR started taking backup of VM, same time VM got Vmotioned to other ESX host, Still VDR will continue to take Backup, that's beautiful
  • By default  De-duplication & Block level features are enabled (no option to change this)
  • Granule Backup & Restore (you can restore one Cluster or VM or Files on Guest OS, even a VMX config file or VMDK file as well
  • When you Restore you can change H/w Config like  
              (Remove NIC, Change Data Store, restore VM with other name, 
               Restore to other ESX as well)
  • Require Ent.Plus or  Adv or Essentials Plus License to work with VDR
  • Takes online (thru snapshot) / offline VM's
  • No agents to be installed on Guest OS & ESX (no load on Vmkernel)

Why not VDR

  • Limited De-Duplication store on VDR (Max 500GB)
  • If De-Duplication database (not actual data) grows more than 500GB product will not work
          Sad part is - User can not disable De-duplication 
          & Block Level - when it becomes bottleneck
  • Maximum of 8 concurrent backup session are possible
  • Recommended for less than 100 VM's environment
  • Backup to Tape is not possible (only Disk based backup is supported - target disk should be VMFS)

You Can take backup on NFS / Network Share (but Block Level is not supported in this case)
If you want override above points (Why not VDR points) , You may need to purchase 3rd party
backup S/w (like Vizioncore, Symantec, Commvault, Veem)

Don’t worry, In fact VMware is very keen on nascent stage of VDR and likely to integrate the
Functionality of VCB (VMware consolidated backup) into VDR - keep watching 

VDR --> Video Demo below from

Any doubts? - reach me on HAIIAMPC at GMAIL dot com or comment below

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