Monday, March 29, 2010

VMware ThinApp (Formerly Thinstall) - Application Virtualization

VMware ThinApp (formerly Thinstall) is an application virtualization and portable application creator suite by VMware  that can package conventional applications so that they become portable applications.

Ex   :  Ms-Office is Conventional App - Requires Installation & Registry updates, 
Ex   :  Putty.exe is Portable App - Portable app runs anywhere without actual 
          installation (may be from pen drive as well)
          To make a straight cut, ThinApp will emulate  Conventional Apps to 
          Portable Apps

VMware ThinApp is an application virtualization solution ThinApp is able to execute applications without them being installed in the traditional sense by virtualizing resources such as environment variables, files and Windows Registry keys. The virtual environment presented to the client is a merged view of the underlying physical and virtual resources, thereby allowing the virtualization layer to fool the application into thinking that it is running as if it were fully installed.

ThinApp Video Demo by VMware

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