Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why VMware Tools (VM Tools) on Guest OS is "Very Important" - be aware of the Significance, read on..

VM Tools will provide the below for Guest OS

  • Drivers for Guest OS 
  • VmMemCtl  - Memory Mgt Driver (Baloon mechanism)
  • Heartbeat to Vcenter (Important for HA, DRS & FT)
  • Guest OS Clock Sync from ESX (As Guest OS have Virtual Mother Board - no RTC. So, VM will Sync the time from ESX Host (Physical M.Brd RTC) Recommended to sync Guest OS time with ESX (Provided no Time Server on Guest OS)
  • Mouse & Video Acceleration  on Guest OS
--> VM tools installation in Windows & GUI of any Linux flavor       
      (while Guest OS is running, click VM Menu, install VM tools)
--> VM tools on CLI of Linux Flavors may follow KB Article from VMware

This video details installing VMware Tools in a Linux guest operating system using RPM (Red Hat Package Manager). This video uses VMware ESX 4.0, but the same basic steps apply to other products. The guest operating system in this video is CentOS, but the steps can be used in any Linux distribution that supports RPM. 

How to install VMware Tools in a Linux virtual machine using RPM Method
(If you require help on Compile Method / for Novell Netware - reach me on  HAIIAMPC at GMAIL dot COM)

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