Sunday, March 28, 2010

Xsigo - I/O Virtualization - How VMware & VMware customers can benefit on this (of course other OS also can benefit - Below video on VMware)

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Xsigo will enables you to have a single 20 Gbps I/O Card on Server
(which provides Virtual NIC, V FC HBA, V iSCSI HBA or any legacy I/O Card) to OS. Hence users need not have look for Physical Compatible slots, cards and additional cabling on server rack.. That's awesome - we don't need to open Server, not required to make make your hands dirty, no downtime negotiations with stake holders - everything is on-the-fly (while OS is up & running - I can present any virtual PCI Card to OS) - today Project requirement is SCSI, tomorrow iSCSI, then FC, then FCOE - don't worry - one Xsigo Card will provide any virtual PCI card to OS.

One card and one cable will be connected to VP780 I/O Director - which provides Virtually every Card to Server.. You may read more about this @ below link.. 
Good news is  --> Gaint OEM vendor "Dell" is Xsigo Partner as well

I made a small Presentation on Xsigo, you may take a look at it - Click to download

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